Wednesday, 12 April 2017


I love to look back at the old pictures, reminisce the good ‘ol days (precisely during foundation) I used to have. I hate to admit it, but somehow the past makes me happy.  Thinking ‘bout it keeps me going, despite the hard time I have to go through. The present? Not so much. Maybe that’s how we roll in adulthood. Speaking of which, I’m on my way to 21. Damn. I have not realized that my foundation year was three years ago.  

When I was little, I always wonder why most of the adults looked unhappy almost every day. Their face was filled with emptiness, sorrow, and sometimes agitation. But now I know. I understand. I hope I can be happier though. If growing up means losing my happiness, then I would rather be forever 21 (pun intended!).

Anyway, this entry was made to show the vibrant side of me, when I was genuinely happy (also, my face is so annoying in all pictures I feel like punching it) so brace yourself!

Beautiful friends.

Amagaaa, so annoying I can't even! HAHA.

Why did I smile like that ugh -.-

Strong enough to beat yo ass.

Dinner Asasi.

End of Asasi.

End of this entry. Thanks for bringing colours in my life.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The birth giver.

This post is probably a bit late but wtv. 

A special dedication to a woman who had carried me in her womb for 9 months, who had brought me to this world without having the slightest idea how I would become as I grow bigger, who had raised me so well with sufficient knowledge (and foods :P), whose patience is wearing thin sometimes cuz of my stubbornness (and laziness XD), whom I share clothes (and shoes) with, who knows how much I love books and never reluctant to buy me some, who becomes my second voice when I don't have the boldness to speak up to dad, who cooks the best food and bakes the best cake, who loves Running Man as much as I do, who nags at me when I don't do the laundry, or when I wake up at midday, who always paid a visit when I was still in boarding school, who always find our lost stuffs in the labyrinth of mess, who helps Dedek to do her artworks, who knows almost everything, who will say "It's okay, I'll eat the leftover" when our meals are not enough for everyone, whose prayer is the most efficacious in the world, and above all; whom I love very much.

Happy Mother's Day, mak. Sorry for all the wrongdoings I have made, and thank you for putting up with me <3

p/s: This entry is specially for my mum but I don't feel like showing it to her (cuz I'm shy shy cat liddat).

Thursday, 5 May 2016

The biggest flaw of humanity: People

Do you think it's okay to body-shaming people? Have you ever thought for a second how that particular action might hurt them to the point they feel so insecure and start to hate themselves? Do you feel happy with all the words you spat to criticize and humiliate someone publicly? What about judging one's outfit just because it's not up-to-date and unbranded? Not to mention your so-called jokes about one's "unpretty" appearance.

I wonder how could someone do that to others. I've seen a lot of people on socmeds sneakingly took one's picture and made fun of it cuz of the person's flaw. You seemed to be so entertained with others' defects. Well, I found that you are one pitiful human being for possessing such shameful attitudes. Why can't we, humans, make peace to each other by not uttering any discouraging words? Where have gone the manners our parents had taught us when we were kids? Can't we respect each other and be kind to everyone? Why must we spread hatred instead of love?

My fellow readers, I don't think it's fair to rate or judge someone by their looks, or by what they're wearing because I believe that one has a lot more to show rather than just the outer. I am aware that none of us is perfect and I, myself is nowhere near good. However, we could make this world a better place by creating a positive environment around us. Sometimes we underestimate the power of smile, kind words, an honest compliment, or even an attentive listening ear. We forget how every gesture gives a significant impact on people around us.

We came from the same root, Adam. Skin colors, mother tongue,  and religion should not be the boundaries for us to unite and respect each other, neither do they be the excuses for us to fight. We are all equal and the only thing that distinguishes us from one another is imaan and taqwa. Therefore my friends, before you start to speak remember this: A person's words are the most powerful thing he or she has. It's is your job to keep them positive and reliable. So, if you have something to say, first ask whether it will hurt someone. Second, ask how what you say will benefit someone :) xx

Thursday, 25 February 2016

A brand new blog.

Writing has become my passion since I was in a primary school. I started to write a diary after I watched Harriet The Spy and Mean Girls. Back then, I think it was wicked cool to have a decorated notebook and wrote whatever I wanted inside it. And so I bought a notebook that wasn't cost much at a nearby bookshop. I still remember how exhilarated I was the first time I received my so-called diary!
For me, writing is a good way to express myself. When I write, I pour all my heart out on the paper (considering no one would read it) and express my true feelings on whatever things that had happened to me ; be it yesterday, last two weeks, 5 years ago even. I admit that I'm not very good at saying out loud my feelings and people used to misunderstand it. Sometimes I nod my head yes when I truly want to say no; because of my inability to put everything into words and that is really a downside.

I usually write late at night because that is when my ideas are overflowing and my vocabularies are suddenly becoming grand. When I reread what I'd written. I feel satisfied and quite surprised because I can't even remember where or when I get those grand words and phrases lol. Over times, I have realized that my writings had become more mature, informative (?) and not as trashy as in the past years. I suppose age plays a role in this matter, no?

Actually, I'd started a blog before this, but because of some technical problems that I was facing, I decided to delete it and start anew. This is my very first entry, and I really appreciate you for spending your time reading it. Thank you so much and have a nice day :) !